Ape Labs Can 2.0 Wash Lens Kit (15 Degrees)

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ApeLabs 15 Degree Lens Kit for LightCan  (Ape Labs Can v2 15 Degree Optics Kit)

With this 15 Degree Wash Lens Kit, you can turn your Can 2.0 into a traditional uplight, par, or wash light! This kit inclues the mounting ring (specific for the Can 2.0) and the 15 Degree Optics (compatible with the Can 2.0, Coin 2.0, Mini 2.0 or Maxi 2.0).

The Ape Labs Can 2.0, Coin 2.0, Mini 2.0, and Maxi 2.0 all use the same lens optics. Available optics are: 10°, 15°, 25°, & 45°. The Can 2.0 and Coin 2.0 each have a specific mounting ring (included with the "Wash Lens Kit"). Once one kit is purchased, the individual optics can be swapped and there is no need to purchase additional mounting rings to change beam angles for each fixture. The Mini 2.0 and Maxi 2.0 just use the pre-installed faceplate to mount the optics, so no kit is required to change beam angles with those fixtures.

NOTE: The Can 2.0 now has internal adjustments for the different lens optics. There are two presets. To adjust the internal settings, unscrew the bottom plate on the Can 2.0. Loosen the thumb screw on the internal bracket and set to the tall setting for use with the 65° Fresnel Effect lens. Set to the short setting for use with any of the 10°, 15°, 25°, or 45° Wash lenses.

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