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Ape Labs Ape Light Maxi  (Ape Labs ApeLight Maxi 1.0)

1x Ape Labs ApeLight Maxi - Uplight / LED Par
1x Single Yoke Bracket
Sealed, rechargeable, built-in battery (NiMH)
(At Least 14 Hours of Battery Life at Full Power)

-Charger (Requires either PSU or Charging Case to recharge unit)
-Controller (Requires either ApeRemote, W-App or W-Ape DMX to control unit)

-100% Made & Engineered in Germany
-3 Year USA Warranty
-Seemless integration with any Ape Labs fixture via wireless DMX
-Groupable with any Ape Labs fixtures via Ape Remote (create DMX-like lighting shows, without having to program DMX)
-All metal design with premium components
-Designed to be extremely simple, easy, efficient, small & lightweight
-3,000ft DMX range with W-Ape or MobiLight 4
-100ft 2.4GHz range with Ape Remote
-Built-in DMX Receiver & Repeater (for both DMX control and Ape Remote control)
-Built-in colors/programs and sound active (with auto adjusting room sensitivity)
-All wireless products use similar internal software so auto programs will match with mixed SKUs

-Spotlight/Washlight/Par can – traditional wash effect
-The Ape Labs ApeLight Maxi Wireless DMX Par Light Can used for up-lighting, stage lighting, or dance floor wash lighting
-Also can be used for centerpieces – rated load weight of 154 lbs on top of unit

Ape Labs ApeLight Maxi - Wireless DMX Par Can DESCRIPTION
The Ape Labs ApeLight Maxi is a battery powered, wireless DMX par can. This remarkably small and lightweight fixture produces a more intense wash effect than any other in its class.  Also, the German made and designed feature set is incredibly unique.

The available accessories for the Ape Labs ApeLight Maxi wireless DMX par light really make it stand out. The TourCase allows mobile users to pack (6) fixtures in a charging flight case the size of a brief case. Since the packed weight including the lights is less than 30-lbs, one person can carry 12 Ape Labs ApeLight Maxis up a flight of stairs in one trip without breaking a sweat! And when you're done for the night, just drop the lights into their spots in the case. No need to plug in each light. The charging port connects to the bottom of the wireless DMX par can as soon as the are put in the case. Simply plug the case into the wall for 5-6 hours before your event and all of your lights will be fully charged with a battery life of over 14 hours.

The available Ape Remote is another very unique accessory. This simple remote allows users to create a lighting shows similar to DMX programs by letting users create up to four separate groups with mixed and matched SKUs. Since it's 2.4GHz, its not directional. Just select the lighting group during set-up and control the lights from anywhere in the room. Want to control all four groups at the same time? No problem. A long press on the group button (2 secs) will light up all four "Group LEDs" on the remote and let you control all groups at the same time (until you hit the group button again for individual control).

The W-Ape is more than the typical transceiver. First of all, the wireless DMX par can range is 3,000 feet. Second, you can pair it with a DMX controller, Ape Remote (to extend its range), or just use the on-board display to control the fixtures. Third, the unique wireless connection between the Ape Labs ApeLight Maxi and the W-Ape allows users to set DMX channels and other fixture settings directly on the W-Ape. This means that the fixture themselves don't need any LCD or buttons. Its incredibly beneficial because it simplifies the fixture designs making them extremely reliable and extremely easy for an inexperience user to set-up and operate. Finally, the built-in microphone in the W-Ape can be used instead of the individual mics on each fixture during sound active mode if the user would like all fixtures to be synchronized.

All ape labs products are compatible with each other and can be controlled by the same Remote Control, W-APE Transceiver, or MobiLight 4. All colors and programs match across the different device types. Ape Labs devices communicate with each other and repeat the original 2.4GHz signal continuously (100ft range per LightCan, ApeLight Mini, or ApeStick 4 / 3,000ft range per ApeLight Maxi, ApeLight, or MobiLight 4).

Ape Labs ApeLight Maxi - Wireless DMX Par Can FEATURES
-45 Watts, RGBW LED
-10° optics
-Lasts 14+ hours per charging
-Color Roll / Chaser Programs / Sound Active
-Speed Control
-4 Group Management
-2.4 GHz remote controllable
-W-APE wireless DMX controllable (4 DMX universes are possible)
-Water Resistant / "Splash proof"

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Dimensions: 5.31 x 5.31 x 2.56 inches
Bracket: 5.51 x 4.72 inches
Weight: 3.3 pounds

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