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Apelabs Neon Tube 2.0 Series  (Ape Labs NEON-TUBE)

Wireless LED Tube Light

Ape Labs Neon – the ultimate upgrade to our renowned Stick XL 2.0. Stronger, Longer, Thicker, Brighter. Plus, it's aptly named "Neon" because the tube has a consistent glow with no visible LED diodes. Want to try a sample?

Neon Competitive Differences

  • IP65 Rating for Indoor or Outdoor use
  • 15+ hours of rechargeable battery life (all colors on, full power)
  • 70 Watts - 87x 0.8 Watt RGBaW LEDs
  • Beam Angle Output: 180°
  • No visible LED diodes
  • Superior LED Performance: CRI 90, RGBaW, Perfect Color Mixing
  • 3.28ft Long, 1.75in Diameter Wash & Effect Bar
  • Included Magnets & Safety Ring (Stage Mounting), Optional Mini Tripod

Ape Labs Ecosystem

  • Control all Ape Labs items with a single RF Remote or App (or standard DMX)
  • 1-Mile Wireless Range with App or DMX, 200ft Non-Directional Range with Remote
  • Without DMX, still get DMX-Like effects with super-simple "grouping"
  • MusikMode: 1-Button Light Show to Sound (Not 'Sound Active', a real light show)
  • Automatic integration and syncing with every other Ape Labs product
  • Smart set-ups instantly and seamlessly connect to your controller
  • On-the-fly programming and remote addressing
  • Cross-platform and Community Sharing of Scenes and Programs
  • High CRI Output, Ultra Vivid Colors
  • Hand Crafted Color Macros by Top Tier Event Professionals from USA
  • Battery Life Extension: Set the time you need and lights auto dim to the max output for that duration
  • Flicker Free Mode for Video Recording
  • Wireless Range Increases as More Fixtures are Added (all have repeaters)
  • Premium Components for Superior Quality
  • Super High Efficiency: More Output with Less Power
  • Solid State, Fanless Operation
  • Free Firmware Updates for Life
  • 100% Designed, Engineered & Hand Assembled in Germany
  • 3-Year USA Warranty

Full Product Description

The Ape Labs Neon is designed to provide powerful lighting effects in a robust and durable form factor. With a length of 39.4 inches (100 cm) and a diameter of 1.75 inches (45 mm), this lighting tube is built stronger and more substantial than the Stick XL. It features a powerful LED array capable of producing a wide range of colors, making it suitable for any event or installation. The Neon is controlled wirelessly through the ApeRemote, Smart App, or DMX, ensuring seamless integration into your lighting setup.

The durable construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of professional use, while the long battery life ensures it will last throughout your event. The Neon also includes a safety loop and several M6 threadings on both ends for various Ape Labs accessories and mounts, providing versatile mounting options for different applications.


  • Extended Length and Diameter: 39.4 inches (100 cm), 1.75 inches (45 mm)
  • Superior LED Performance: CRI 90, RGBaW, Perfect Color Mixing
  • Advanced Wireless Capabilities: 2.4GHz Wireless DMX, Smart App, RF Remote Control
  • Durable and Reliable: IP65 Rating, 15+ hours battery life
  • Professional Accessories: Stand (Tripod Accessory), Safety Ring (Stage Mounting)
  • Made in Germany: Built with precision and quality craftsmanship
  • Made from aluminum and polycarbonate
  • Wavelength red = 622.5nm
  • Wavelength green = 522.5nm
  • Wavelength blue = 462.5nm
  • AmberWhite Color Temperature = 2700K
  • Color rendering in CRI (Ra) = 90
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) = 500Hz - 4000Hz
  • Flicker free = Yes
  • Dimmable = Yes
  • 2.4GHz (2400-2485MHz)
  • Max. 20dBm ~ 100mW (EIRP*)
  • Wireless DMX: 4, 7, or 8 Channel Modes (W-App / Connect required, 1-Mile Range)
  • Wireless KNX (W-App / Connect required, 1-Mile Range)
  • Wireless Android / iOS App (W-App / Connect required, 1-Mile Range)
  • Wireless Remote Control (ApeRemote required, 200ft Range)
  • Pairing is possible with ApeRemotes or W-App/Connects to increase number of groups or universes in the room
  • W-App/Connect will save settings and programs to the cloud for cross device operations or community sharing
  • Free software/firmware updates via W-App or Connect


  • Dimensions: 39.4 x 1.75 in (100 x 4.5 cm)
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs


Ape Labs lights are sold in three popular forms:

  • "SOLO": Only the light itself, without the remote or charger. Additional accessories are required to use your light. ApeRemote and/or Connect can control an unlimited number of Ape Labs SKUs and are compatible with every product. PSU and/or Super Charger will power/charge every Ape Labs mobile product. SKU-specific charging cases are also available.
  • "SETS" (such as a "Set of 2" or "Set of 4"): Include the universal remote and enough power supplies for all of the lights in the set.
  • "PACKS" (such as a "RoadPack" or "TourBox"): Include the universal remote, a case or bag, and a way to charge all fixtures. Flight Cases have integrated power supplies built-in, so external power supplies aren't necessary.

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