ProX KT-SQ492TOTEMTCX2 | 4.92 Square Truss Totem Package

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Pro X KT-SQ492-TOTEMTCX2  (ProX 4.92 Square Truss Totem Full Package)

ProX KT-SQ492TOTEMTCX2 K-Truss 4.92 Lightweight Square Truss Totem Full Package Includes White Scrim, Top Plate and Base Plate

ProX KT-SQ492TOTEMTCX2 K-Truss 4.92 Lightweight Square Truss Totem Full Package Includes Top Plate Base Plate and Bag. This lightweight truss totem package is ideal for creating rugged Stage and Lighting displays. It’s ideal for mounting Moving-Heads, LED Par cans, Lighting Bars, and more. K-Truss is compatible with most popular truss brands and can be used in conjunction with our standard F34 Truss as non-structural truss sections*. This is a great package for Mobile DJs and Stage Designers that want an all-in-one inclusive rugged totem stand.

Package Details
This package includes two K-Truss 5' ft Truss F34 Conical Connection Segments. Two 12"-inch Top Plates with CNC drilled offset mounting slots and holes. Two 24"-inch Aluminum 6mm Base Plates with offset holes that allow you to mount your included segments in the center, left, or right of the baseplate. All the connectors you need come with this Totem package. Two white lycra spandex covers are included to give your truss totems a finished look that hides cables and diffuses your own lighting.

About K-Truss
K-Truss is our economy light-duty truss segment line. You can get the best display solution for mounting lightweight LED lighting fixtures, banners, displays, and more by utilizing the F34 Trussing system. K-Truss gives you an advantage over investing in typical heavy-duty structural truss segments which can get pricey.

K-Truss is the ultimate solution when it comes to building trade show booths, finish line mile markers, retail kiosks, pop-up shops and temporary merchandise, outdoor festival booths, and more.

WARNING: These scrim products are for temporary use ONLY and NOT for permanent installation. Keep away from open flames, sparks, direct heat, or any type of electrical fixtures and outlets. ProX Live Performance Gear is not responsible for any bodily injury or property damage caused by misuse of this product. Scrims can be machine washed and air-dried only. Do not use harsh chemicals or chlorine bleach. Factory fire retardant loses effectiveness with washing and over time. Re-treat as needed.

*DISCLAIMER: ProX Live Performance Gear® (XStatic Pro, Inc. ) is not responsible for improper use or overloading by end-users! Consult an engineer for specific applications.  This product has a reduced load chart from ProX Live Performance Gear® and is not intended for replacement or substitute for any standard load-bearing truss segments. The third-party products shown are for display purposes and are not being advertised, nor is it included with this package.  

Tolerance Free Standard Conical Connector
Material: EN-AW T6-5052 Aluminium Display Grade Quality
Constructed to the highest quality by certified welders
K Series Trussing is Economic Light-Structural
Primarily designed for display structures.
Engineering Drawings and Design Copyright
© 2019 by ProX Live Performance Gear®
Package Contents

KT-F34SQ492 (2)   4.92 Ft. | 1.5M K-Truss F34 Economy Aluminum Truss for displays and non-load bearing systems
In Stock
XT-BP12A (2)   12" Aluminum 6mm Truss Top Plate for F34 F32 F31 Conical Square Truss with Connectors
In Stock
XT-BP24A (2)   24" Aluminum 6mm Truss Base Plate for F34 F32 F31 Conical Square Truss with Connectors
In Stock
XTC-SQ492TS-W (2)   White 4.92ft 1.50 meter Lycra Cover Scrim Sleeve fits 12" Quad Box Truss Segment
In Stock

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