RCF F-10XR | Ins: 4 Mic, 2 Line - Effects

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RCF F10XR  (RCF F 10 XR)

RCF F-10XR: 2 Mic Ins, 2 Line Ins, 2 Combo (Mic or Line) Ins
10-Channel Mixer with Multi FX and USB Interface (Stereo)

The RCF F10XR is a mixer designed for live sound applications. It has 4 mic preamps, 2 mono line inputs, and four stereo line inputs. Line connections can be made over 1/4" connections or RCA terminations. You'll find 3-band EQs on the mono channels, and 2-band EQs on the stereo line inputs. Single-knob compressors are available on channels 1 and 2, and phantom power is available on all microphone inputs.

24-bit effects are on hand to give you reverb, echo, delay, flanger, and more. Route to main outputs, monitors, or headphones, thanks to the comprehensive output section. With the USB output, you can record stereo audio on Mac, Windows, or iOS devices (with compatible adapters).

High-Quality Preamps
High-quality preamplifiers with phantom power, inspired by the E-Series mixers, offer high-quality sound and dynamics. Line-level signals are less noisy when connected using the separate line input jack sockets.

EQ on Mono & Stereo Channels
The F-10XR features 3-band EQ on the mono channels, and 2-band EQ on stereo channels for transparent sound shaping.
Single-Knob Compressors
The F-Series compressor offers transparent limiting for the dynamic range of instruments and voices.

24-Bit FX
RCF has selected 16 studio-quality effects designed for everyday use when you need great quality FX processing without the need of an external FX unit. You'll find Reverbs (halls, rooms, plates, spring), Delays (mono, stereo, and multi-tap), Chorus, Flanger, and Echo.

USB Recording and Playback
Record directly to your computer. No need for external interfaces or multiple connections and levels to check. Just plug in a USB lead to a PC or to your iPhone / iPad (2 or later) using Apple's Camera Connection Kit / Lightning-to-USB Camera Adapter. Select the USB routing and you'll have CD-quality recording and stereo playback, effortlessly. The class-compliant design allows recording and playback from Windows, MacOs, and iOS (through USB adapter) without any additional software.

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