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The Elation Professional NX Wing is the complementary USB control surface to Obsidian Control Systems ONYX platform. Based on the Elation Professional NX 2 console the Elation Professional NX Wing utilizes the same rugged design and components with an identical footprint and layout. Through its USB connection the NX2 provides a responsive professional hardware surface to operate ONYX on any PC system without compromises. Any user of ONYX will feel instantly familiar with the Elation Professional NX Wing and no setup or additional installation is required. Simply plug the Elation Professional NX Wing into a user-provided PC with ONYX and get started instantly.

Elation Professional NX Wing provides extensive connectivity with 4 DMX Ports, MIDI and Timecode ports while unlocking 128 Universes of control when connected to ONYX on a PC.

ONYX is a powerful yet easy-to-learn lighting control platform designed for both hardware consoles and PC systems. ONYX is a rebranding of the well-established M-Series control platform and is designed for use with all new ONYX and existing M-Series hardware (M-DMX, M-Touch, M-Play, M2PC, M2GO, M2GO HD, M1, M1 HD and M6). Designed and maintained by real-user professionals with over 25 years of experience in lighting control systems, ONYX provides a stable and efficient programming platform that is fast to program and fun to operate. ONYX scales from the smallest shows to the largest touring productions with easy-to-use tools and optimized graphical work environments that can adapt to any task and complexity. Obsidian Control Systems products are exclusively distributed by Elation Professional worldwide and are available in various sizes to accommodate any scale and budget.


Fully featured control surface, portable and lightweight
10 Playbacks, Encoders, Keypad and internal touchscreen
DMX, Timecode and Midi Connectivity
128 Universe License for ONYX included
Plug and Play USB device for any PC with ONYX


10 x 60 mm playback faders, each with 4 x function- assignable buttons
8 x customizable multi-function keys
Playback Select button
Master Go section with Go, Pause, Snap and Release
4 x digital rotary encoders with push function and status LED for fixture parameter control
3.5” RGB touchscreen for parameter groups, effect parameters, fanning and global timings
Grand master rotary fader and button
Blind/HighLight/Last/Next buttons
Full numerical keypad and command keys


4 x DMX / RDM Universe In/Out: 5-pin locking XLR
Internal MIDI in/out/thru (MIDI Show Control, MIDI notes, MIDI timecode)
Internal SMPTE Timecode In/Out: 3-pin XLR
12 VDC power supply input: 4-pin XLR
Desk lamp: XLR 12V
USB Input: USB 2.0 B


4 x DMX / RDM Universe In/Out: 5-pin locking XLR
External Display: 2x DisplayPort (up to 4k)
Network: 2x Gigabit for Art-Net, sACN and ONYX X-Net
Storage and Peripherals: 4x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0
Audio Out, Mic In: 2x 3.5mm Jack
MIDI in/out/thru (MIDI show control, MIDI notes, MIDI timecode): 5pin DIN
SMPTE Timecode In/Out: 3-pin XLR
12 VDC power supply input: 4-pin XLR
Desk lamp: XLR 12V
USB In: USB 2.0 B

Physical Dimensions:

Length: 30 0mm (11.9 in.)
Width: 540 mm (21.3 in.)
Height: 99mm (3.9 in.)
Weight: 4.6 kg (10.2 lbs.)

Elation Professional NX Wing Electrical Specifications

AC mains power to 12 VDC external PSU (included): 100-240 V nominal, 50/60 Hz
Maximum current: 1.4 A
12 VDC output: 5 A, 60 W max.

Included Items:

RGB LED desk lamp, angular XLR connector, 13″
Dust Cover
USB Cable
External PSU (12V 5A)
1.5 m power cable, 3-pin IEC

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